• RTJ All Day, Every Day

    We took a moment to look back at this amazing year. Thank you all for coming along on this crazy ride. We couldn’t do it…

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  • End of the World? ??

    Is it the end of 2017 or the end of the world? Tune in to RTJ3 News to find out. If you spot anything out…

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  • Run the Grammys!

    We’re honored and humbled to receive a “Best Rap Song” nomination for our recent work with the homies, Danger Mouse and Big Boi. We’ll be…

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  • On the Road Again

    Can’t stop, won’t stop! We’re honored to be hitting the road in March with the one and only, Lorde. We’ll be headed to a hood…

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  • Mean Demeaner

    Guess who’s included in EA’s FIFA 18 soundtrack?! You’ve been asking since last week’s announcement and HERE IT IS! STREAM / DOWNLOAD “Mean Demeanor” was written exclusively…

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