Wash the Jewels

One black and one pink tshirt showing the washing hands procedure

Wash The Jewels

Limited edition ‘Wash The Jewels’ t-shirts

Proceeds to benefit the RTJ Touring Crew whose lives have been financially affected by COVID-19

Fall out from the covid-19 pandemic has hit everyone. For Run The Jewels one of the most difficult things has been our inability to provide our hard working friends from the RTJ touring team the income they were counting on from our touring schedule to be able to survive. In the music business no one has been hit harder than the amazing people that are behind the scenes, busting their ass to make the live performances happen. These t-shirts were created to help the men and women who are the backbone of every live performance we do while they wait to be able to work again. We love them very much. If you have the means or the inclination and you want a cool t shirt, grab one. You have no idea how much your kindness will be appreciated.

The idea was inspired by the washyourlyrics.com! Shout out to its creator, William, for being so damn brilliant (& only 17 too!) We had Nick Gazin flip the script in his own unique style, and create 6 pictograph designs featuring lyrics from 6 classic RTJ jams.

We hope you dig the tees and if you buy one, you’ll automatically get a downloadable poster of the image you picked. 100% of the proceeds will go to our crew to help support them and their families through this most trying of times.

With love and gratitude,
Run The Jewels


Inspired by WashYourLyrics.com

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