Your favorite crafty rappers, Run the Jewels, return with the latest in their line of award-winning artisanal beers, the DOWN Double IPA.

A super limited release, DOWN is being brewed exclusively in conjunction with our partners at LA’s Mumford Brewery and our European version at Berlin’s BRLO, who’ve once again infused their batch with some CBD magic 😬

The US version of DOWN makes its debut October 7th at the very first Adult Swim Festival in downtown LA, and on October 8th in Berlin at BRLO’s Kreuzberg Brewery / funhouse.

Down beer can

The brilliant artwork featured on the label is courtesy of longtime RTJ collaborator, Nick Benson, and stars a 🔥 rendition of the iconic sculpture, Winged Victory of Samothrace, aka, the giant pendant Killer Mike rocks so famously on his 36” gold chain…

So if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some, we hope you dig it. And stay tuned for updates on mail order possibilities…

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Legend Has It Lager

Step into the spotlight!

On 4.20, say hello to our latest craft beer offering, the Legend Has It lager.

Named in honor of RTJ’s hit song, and brewed in collaboration with 6 top independent craft breweries in 6 cities, including our first foray outside the U.S.  Once again, each hop house gave it their own spin, resulting in a variety of unique liquid remixes. And just in time for 4.20, our Berlin partner, the mighty BRLO, is unleashing a CBD-infused brew on Germany and beyond.


In addition to cornerstone partners Interboro, Pipeworks & Creature Comforts, we’re honored to add J. Wakefield (Miami), Mumford Brewing (LA), and BRLO (Berlin) to the family.

ATLANTA/ATHENS (GEORGIA): Creature Comforts @creaturecomfortsbeer
BERLIN: BRLO @brlobeer
CHICAGO: Pipeworks @pipeworksbrewing
L.A. Mumford Brewing @mumfordbrewing
MIAMI: J. Wakefield @jwakefieldbeer
NYC: Interboro Spirits & Ales @interboronyc

Panther Like a Panther Stout

February 2018 saw the release of our second craft beer – the Panther Like A Panther Stout.

Panther Like a Panther Stout has three completely different recipes, each crafted by RTJ’s celebrated brewery partners.

Interboro are producing a traditional Stout, Pipeworks brewing a Porter blended with Bourbon barrel-aged beer and J. Wakefield bringing a coffee-infused Stout, with beans courtesy of Miami’s finest, Panther Coffee.

Stay Gold IPA

Oh, you ain’t know? Legend Has It and The Panther Like a Panther stout follows on from our Stay Gold IPA which stepped on the scene last year and was named as the #1 IPA in America by