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RTJ is teaming up with Brooklyn Brewery on 36" Chain, a righteous beer collab coming in August to please your thirsty palates. 

But to get the party started, we’re announcing a design contest for the most creative among you to hook up the right look for the label. So calling all you style-flexing creative types - come art the jewels with us and win some kickass stuff!


1st place: $1,500, 2x tickets to RTJ at MSG, RTJ Hoodie, RTJ 4 vinyl Album, Private Small Batch Tour of Brooklyn Brewery for up to 10 people, $100 gift card for Brooklyn Brewery merch, $100 gift card for beers

Runner up 1: RTJ Hoodie, RTJ Shirt, RTJ 4 Vinyl Album, $50 gift card for Brooklyn Brewery merch, $50 gift card for beers

Runner up 2: RTJ hoodie, RTJ 4 Vinyl Album, $50 gift card for Brooklyn Brewery merch, $50 gift card for beers




  • Flex your creativity and unique style in your design - show us something that doesn’t look like everything else in the beer aisle. We want to see the vibrant, gritty, hyped-up energy of Run the Jewels and Brooklyn Brewery through your eyes!
  • Download the label template HERE and review the contest terms and conditions HERE.
  • Submit your original artwork/design by Wednesday, April 6, 2022A winner will be selected on Wednesday, April 13, 2022. 
  • Winner will need to submit final high-res artwork to the Brooklyn Brewery team by  Wednesday, April 20, 2022. Do not submit unless you are able to make this timeline. If you submit and are selected but do not deliver final artwork as provided above you will be disqualified.
  • Use the template provided and design in Pantone or CMYK at 300 dpi. Feel free to use the Brooklyn Brewery green (Pantone 347) and gold (Pantone 617) as well as the Run The Jewels magenta-pink [Pantone 219C].
  • Share your artwork and tag Brooklyn Brewery and Run The Jewels on social
    • Instagram: @brooklynbrewery & @runthejewels
    • Twitter: @brooklynbrewery & @runjewels
    • Facebook: &
    • Feel free to use #runthebrews to share your art with the community
  • Tell your friends, your family, your bartender, whoever– get the word out about your work!


  • Do not include anything that could be interpreted as violent, profane, sexually explicit, racist, pornographic, sexist or homophobic, political, discriminating, religious, or offensive.
  • Do not use any non-original artwork, stock imagery or any other images, themes or motifs that may belong to a third party.
  • Do not show characters consuming alcohol or illicit drugs, as dictated by local and federal law.
  • Do not submit if you are under the age of 21 and do not include any characters that could be perceived as under the age of 21.
  • Do not include images of any third party brands, logos, trade dress, trademarks or service marks in your design.
  • Do not feature any imagery related to vehicles or the operation of heavy machinery.
  • Do not alter the Brooklyn Brewery or Run The Jewels logos or shift elements in the template.



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