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What is the Jewel Runner Fan Club App program?

The Jewel Runner FC app offers a fan experience that provides loyal fans with access to Run the Jewels exclusives, including merchandise, content, fan club chats, and events. This experience utilizes blockchain technology, ensuring that the JWLs (Jewel Runner Fan Club tokens) are forever yours, no matter what!

Fans can collect JWLs by scanning QR codes at Run the Jewels events, and these JWLs will be used to unlock the aforementioned exclusives.

Access to these exclusives will be gated by a predetermined amount of JWLs. The JWLs act as access keys for these exclusive experiences, so aim to collect as many JWLs as you can!

What is a JWL?

A JWL is an on-chain token utilized within the Run the Jewels ecosystem to unlock exclusives.

What can I do with my JWLs?

JWLs grant access to exclusives,  including merchandise, content, fan club chats, and events. 

What exclusive access do I have with my JWLs?

Depending on the number of JWLs you have, you can engage in chats, shop, and view exclusive content.

Can I “spend” my JWLs?

No, JWLs do not possess monetary value. The quantity you have dictates your level of access.

How can I view my wallet address?

You can view and copy your wallet address from the side menu at the bottom.

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